Can Online Blackjack Be Trusted?

  • Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

It is quite common for new players interested in playing blackjack at an online casino to raise a few questions regarding the authenticity of the game. Many players have background knowledge of blackjack from a land-based casino; however, an online casino presents a new adventure full of risks. Many factors come into play when going for an online blackjack game from a trusted developer or an online casino. When playing at a licensed online casino like , you will find out that blackjack is a fair game you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Let's dig deeper into the world of online blackjack to demystify the myths and set the basic facts right.


Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

No. It is not. The games are closely similar compared to the land-based casino, especially when playing from a reputable and trusted site. Players are guaranteed fair winning chances with honesty with the blackjack games. Each of the results from the blackjack game is random at each time. This means that there is no chance that the game can be rigged. Licensed online casinos like use reputable software that ensures players end up enjoying a fair game of blackjack variations with high chances of winning. No one is out to swindle you no matter what because they know their reputation is on the line. Ensure that you play with a licensed and accredited casino site for top experience with blackjack.

Furthermore, many of the reliable blackjack sites have proper licensing to ensure that the players are open for a fair game. This is unlike land-based casinos that feature rampant cases of rigging. The random number generators govern the shuffle and also reasonably deal with the cards. Additionally, the RNG is independently and routinely audits the move to ensure that they are above board. Moreover, independent testing labs countercheck payouts from all the blackjack sites. In case of any mistakes or cases of software glitches, they are picked up through the auditors. Licensing ensures that the casino is answerable to a higher power hence removing the chances of fixing the games from the sites from colluding and unscrupulous dealers. Some trusted game developers include:

  • NetEnt – Blackjack Professional
  • Playtech – Blackjack Swithc
  • Main Games – Evolution Live Blackjack

There are many leading software developers in the gaming industry. Therefore, players have a wide array of choices when selecting their preferred blackjack games and sites. Each of the software developers offers a different range of game variations backed with several rules and presentations. The players should, therefore, take some time to review some of the top software names in the game before making their selection. For example, Microgaming and Playtech offer a wide range of selection of blackjack games online, with both firms having a strong reputation for fair games. This ensures that the players also have the same level of fairness when playing blackjack with fair chances of winning with safety to players

What Is Common With the Different Blackjack Game Developers?

Despite the rampant rise of software developers in the gaming industry, there are slight similarities in terms of the features. In terms of betting places, most software developers ensure that the betting spots are easy to view with accessible action buttons. When it comes to the betting options, many developers place the ‘Bet,’ ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’ buttons at the center of the screen so that players do not make mistakes. There are many blackjack developers with different variety of games. Most of the developers have developed with a range of familiar blackjack games such as European and Classic. Most of the software developers have their gaming licenses from approved jurisdictions before the launch of the games.

The dealer’s last ten hands are another common feature for the different software developers for the blackjack games. This is especially important for players who believe in patterns and also counting cards. This is important in case you want to know what the hands are dealt with most recently. A number of the software developers usually display on the game screen showing the last ten hands which the dealer has dealt. This is a common variant that is shown by the different developers to help players boost their confidence when dealing with cards. Some of the differences are that some developers are more focused on 3D productions while others are keen on progressive games, jackpots, and other innovations.