A brief introduction to keno

  • Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

In essence, Keno is a lottery style game which can be found on a number of modern casino websites. The game originates from China and players typically choose numbers ranging from 1 to 80 before 20 numbers are randomly drawn and the winners named. The payouts vary based on the number of bets made, with more numbers picked giving a lower overall payout. The website deluxe casino bonus says keno is actually great for casino beginners, due to its simple play style.

Playing the game - tips and tricks

While the basic idea behind keno really is as simple as choosing a handful of numbers, depending on how much money you are looking to bet, there is a skill to the game and you can improve your chances of winning through careful and tactical plays. Even though the numbers are drawn completely at random, and with a computer doing the hard work here they are programmed to be random, looking at the game history will give you some insight as to what numbers appear more frequently.

  • Play for free to get used to the game
  • Don't always go for the maximum number of choices
  • Check the odds before you play

While there may be some differences from site to site, for every 10 numbers you are able to choose from the optimal number is between 4 and 8. So, if you bet enough to give you up to 20 numbers, 8 to 16 choices are actually statistically better for you. The math is actually quite simple here, once you take a look at the odds given. Even then, if you are playing traditional style keno you are better off sticking to the original 4-8 choices.

Choosing consecutive numbers will also tip things in your favour, as will going after the 'cold' numbers. In case you are not familiar with the term, a cold number is one which hasn't been drawn by the game for a long time. A common strategy which has proven quite successful is to pick a cold number, or better yet a close grouping of cold numbers, and then choose the consecutive numbers from there (remembering to keep within the 4 to 8 choice bracket).


Keno Game Styles

One popular form of Keno is Monkey Keno. It's essentially the classic game packaged up in a colourful jungle theme and has a fun animation of a monkey throwing coconuts to select the winning numbers. Aside from being fun to look at, it comes with a few additional features that make it a really good choice for Keno players, though the best one is that it shows you the active hot and cold numbers on the game board, allowing you to make your selections accordingly.

If you are looking for a taste of Keno's homeland, then you might be interested in Firefly Keno. The game itself is a stable version of the classic game with an oriental theme - the numbers are printed on Chinese lanterns. While the game is playing a handful of fireflies dash about the screen, a nice way of subtly adding some additional excitement while you are waiting for the lucky numbers to finally be revealed. This game also includes an auto-pick feature, letting you really test out your luck!